Income Protection Australia

Overweight and obesity have major impacts on health – and that means that if you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30, income protection insurance is well worth further consideration. Here’s why.

Overweight, obesity and health
A preference for high-fat, high-sugar foods is all too human – it comes from a time when we could be left without food for days at a time, without warning, and need to store fat to stay alive. However, in today’s environment, following our natural inclinations has serious health impacts. Overweight and obese people are at increased risk of (2):
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Kidney diseases
Some types of cancer
Sleep apnoea
Polycystic ovarian syndrome

This is why income protection insurance is so important – your weight makes it far more likely that you’ll suffer a disability that lasts a lot longer than your employer-provided sick leave. Income protection insurance doesn’t improve your health – but it does help protect your family, your assets and your sanity in the event that you get sick or are injured.

Income protection rates and being overweight
While being overweight may have a modest impact on your income protection insurance rates, it generally isn’t the difference between a policy being affordable and unaffordable.

If you need to cut down your income protection insurance rates to compensate for the increase due to your weight, you can:
Compare quotes from several income protection insurance companies
Choose a longer waiting period
Choose a shorter benefit period
Choose to have your income assessed at claim time, rather than providing proof of income when you begin your policy

Additionally, one of the rays of hope that overweight and obese people have with income protection insurance rates is that your condition is within your control. With the help of your doctor, modern medicine and surgery, and a little willpower, you can change your weight! Then you’ll not only enjoy lower income protection insurance rates, but a fuller and longer life.