Income Protection Gold Coast

Situated in the southeast corner of Queensland, Australia, Gold Coast is the place to be in for an amazing holiday. It can be visited in any season and hotels in Gold Coast remain crowded throughout the year. With yearlong bright sunny days it is a perfect paradise for surfers and beach goers.

Possessing all the wonderful characteristics of southern hemisphere’s coastal city with less pollution and milder climatic conditions, Gold Cost never fails to attract tourists from all the corners of the world at any time of the year. With the weather patterns quit opposite to that of northern hemisphere, it can be a wonderful place for escaping the weather extremities.

To add to the wonderful scenic beauties of Gold Coast, it also has four distinct seasons. Though mostly sunny, one can easily enjoy its distinct spring, summer, autumn and winter.

September to November is the spring time. Just like the rest of the world spring in Gold Coast is always soothing. Average temperatures for these months are comfortably between 13° Celsius to 25°Celsius. With moderate humidity and cool evening breeze, Gold Coast can be really enjoyable in this point of the year. Visiting theme parks is a good option in these moderate months. Getting booking in Gold Coast Budget Hotels is also not very difficult in this time of the year.

To escape the cruel winter of the north hemisphere many tourist comes to Australia.

During the summer months of December to February, Gold Coast becomes one of the most visited places in the world. Interestingly, Christmas is celebrated in the summers here with temperature hovering between 18°Celsius to 28°Celsius. In the day time cool sea breeze nullifies the high humidity and evening are anyways cooler. Summer is also the time for rain. One can sometimes witness tropical storms, showers and incredible lightening in the evenings.

Autumn is from March till May. The weather is more or less is same as spring. Without many extremities in the temperatures, the average temperature of Gold Coast in autumn is 13° Celsius to 27° Celsius. This is also the intermediary season from summer to winter, with lesser humidity in the air and nights get litter colder. Rainfall also reduces quite drastically in these months.

Winter is probably the only season in Gold Coast where light woollens might be recommended. With perfect clear blue sky, the average temperature remains between 9° Celsius to 20° Celsius. The warm ocean current still keeps the beaches busy with all the adventure activities. Winter in is Gold Coast has many tourists from tropical hot climatic places who visit here to beat the scorching summers of their homeland.

No matter what time of the year you visit Gold Coast, the weather is always welcoming. Sunbaths can be really relaxing any time of the year tough sun protectives such as sun glasses, hats and sunscreens always recommended.

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