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Indian Insurance Industry- India Insurance Sector
Insurance in India – An Overview

Indian Insurance may be described as a social device in Indiato reduce or eliminate risk of life and property. Under the plan of insurance in India a large variety of individuals in India associate by themselves by sharing possibility hooked up to individual.
The risk which can be insured in opposition to contain fire the peril of sea demise incident burglary. Any danger contingent upon these could be insured against at a premium commensurate with the risk involved.
India Insurance is actually a contract between 2 parties in India whereby one party called insurer undertakes in exchange for a fixed sum called premium to pay the other party happening of a certain event.
Indian Insurance is a contract executed in India whereby in return for the payment of premium by the insured the insurers pay the financial losses suffered by the insured as being a result of the occurrence of unforeseen events. Term life insurance calculator
With the help of Insurance India large amount of individuals exposed to a similar probability make contributions to a common fund out of which the losses suffered by the unfortunate few due to accidental events are made good.

Indian Insurance Community
The recommendations of the committee for India Insurance put the put stress on offering operational autonomy to the insurance providers in India and also suggested forming an independent regulatory body for Indian Insurance.
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act of 1999 brought about several crucial policy changes in the insurance sector in India. The IRDA Act in was followed by the formation of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDA 2000.
The goals of the IRDA are to safeguard the interests of insurance policyholders as well as initiate different policy measures to help sustain growth in the Indian insurance sector.

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Indian Insurance Policies – Introduction
Lifestyle insurance policies in India come in many different forms. The most common types involve- term everyday living policies endowment policies joint life policies whole lifetime policies loan cover term assurance policies unit-linked insurance plans group insurance policies pension plans and annuities. General insurance plans are also available to cover motors insurance home insurance travel insurance and health insurance.
Generally defined insurance is a system of providing protection against monetary loss caused by unforeseen events. Insurance policies provide safeguards to ease risks associated with unexpected accidents damages or the loss of personal residence.
The history of insurance industryin India dates back to the year 1818 when the Oriental Life Insurance Company was formed in Kolkata. The Lifetime Insurance Act of 1912 marked the beginning of a new era in the insurance sector of India.
The Indian Insurance Companies Act was passed in the year 1928. This act empowered the government of India to gather necessary information about the India everyday living insurance companies and India non-life insurance companyorganizations operating in Indian financial markets.
The Triton Insurance Company Ltd. formed in 1850 and was the first of its kind in the general insurance sector in India. The Indian Mercantile Insurance Limited was established in 1907 and was the company in India to handle all classes of insurance.
Indian Insurance Sector – Reform
Reform in the Indian insurance sector was initiated with the formation of the Malhotra Committee in 1993. It was named after R.N. Malhotra the then Finance Secretary and Reserve Bank of India RBI Governor who headed the committee.
The aim of the Malhotra Committee was to assess the functionality of the India insurance sector. This committee was also in charge of recommending the future path of insurance in India.
The Malhotra Committee attempted to improve various aspects of the India insurance in specific and financial sector in general making them more appropriate and effective for the Indian market.
Indian Insurance Regulator
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDARegulator website- Online-IRDA India Insurance Forum
IRDA has granted registration to private Indianlife insurance companies and Indiangeneral insurance companies. If the existing public sector insurance companies are included there are many insurance companies in the existence insurance side and many companies operating in general insurance business.

General Insurance Corporationhas been approved as the soleIndian reinsurer for underwriting only reinsurance business in India.
Indian Insurance Companies

Particulars of the Indian Insurance companies including both Indianlife insurers and Indian general insurers is given below-
India Living Insurance CompaniesPublic Sector
Existence Insurance Corporation of India Company Online- Online-LIC India Insurance Forum
India Lifetime Insurance CompaniesPrivate Sector
Bajaj Allianz Lifetime Insurance Company Limited
Company Online- Forum-Bajaj Allianz Daily life Insurance Forum

Birla Sun-Life Insurance Company LimitedCompany Online- Forum-Birla Sun-Life Insurance Forum

HDFC Standard Lifestyle Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-HDFC Standard Lifestyle Insurance Forum
ICICI Prudential Living Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-ICICI Prudential Lifestyle Insurance Forum
ING Vysya Everyday life Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-ING Vysya Lifetime Insurance Forum
Max New York Daily life Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-Max New York Everyday living Insurance Forum
MetLife India Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-MetLife India Insurance Forum
Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Existence Insurance Co. Ltd.Company Online- Forum-Kotak Life Insurance Forum

SBI Living Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-SBI Living Insurance Forum

Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-Reliance Everyday living Insurance Forum
TATA AIG Everyday living Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-TATA AIG Existence Insurance Forum
AvivaLife Insurance IndiaCompany Online- Forum-Aviva Lifestyle Insurance Forum
Star Union Dai-ichi Daily life Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Star Union Dai-ichi Existence Insurance Forum

IDBI Fortis Lifestyle Insurance
Company Online- Forum-IDBI Fortis Everyday life Insurance

Sahara India Lifestyle Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Sahara Lifestyle Insurance Forum

Shriram Everyday life Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Shriram Living Insurance Forum

Bharti AXA Daily life Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Bharti AXA Daily life Insurance Forum

Future Generali Life Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Future Generali Daily life Insurance Forum

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Existence Insurance
Company Online- Forum-Canara HSBC OBC Daily life Insurance Forum

AEGON Religare Everyday life Insurance
Company Online- Forum-AEGON Religare Everyday life Insurance Forum

DLF Pramerica Lifestyle Insurance
Company Online- Forum-DLF Pramerica Everyday living Insurance Forum
India General Insurance CompaniesPublic Sector
National Insurance Company LimitedCompany Online- Forum-National Insurance Forum
New India Assurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-New India Insurance Forum
Oriental Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-Oriental Insurance Forum
United India Insurance Company Limited Company Online- Forum-United India Insurance Forum

India General Insurance CompaniesPrivate Sector
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Forum
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. Company Online- Forum-ICICI Lombard Insurance Forum
IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. Company Online- Forum-IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Forum
Reliance General Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-Reliance General Insurance Forum
Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd. Company Online- Forum-Royal Sundaram Alliance Forum
TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Limited Company Online- Forum-TATA AIG General Insurance Forum
Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Co. Ltd. Company Online- Forum-Cholamandalam Insurance Forum
Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Company Online- Forum-Export Credit Guarantee India Forum
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd. Company Online- Forum-HDFC ERGO Insurance Forum

India Reinsurance Company – Indian Reinsurer
General Insurance Corporation of India
Company Online- Forum-General Insurance Corporation of India Forum

Insurance Policies in India
Indian Insurance sector has a larger contribution ofIndian insurance policiesto the financial market insurance market in India.
Reform process in the sector has started in the year 1991 and has facilitated to the private players to the market. Some of the insurance policy details requirement for the coverage in the policy date of commencement of the policy and their adopting organizations are as follows-
1. Social Security Group Scheme This scheme is administered by Lifestyle Insurance Corporation of India for fulfilling the requirement of the weaker section in the society. This scheme covers the peoples in the age group of 18-60 years and an insurance of Rs.5000 for natural death and of Rs.25000 on due to accidental death.

2. Shiksha Sahyog Yojana This scheme is working since December 312001. Less than this scheme an educational scholarship of Rs.300 per quarter per child is given for a period of four years.
3. Jan Arogya Bima Policy Generally this scheme covers a special group of population who are unable to pay for high cost of medical treatments. The premium collection for the adults upto the age of 45 years is Rs. 70 and for children it is Rs. 50. The limit coverage is fixed at Rs.5000 per annum.
4. Mediclaim Insurance Policy This policy helps in reimbursing the medical expenses. The age coverage is from 5-80 years. Here there is a tax benefit of upto Rs 10000.
5. Jana Shree Bima Yojana In this insurance policy a minimum membership of the group should be 25. There is an insurance coverage of Rs 2000 on natural demise and Rs 50000 for accidental demise. The premium amount is fixed at Rs. 200 for single member. This scheme is working since August 102000.
6. Videsh Yatra Mitra Policy
It is for providing benefits for medical expenses during the period of overseas travel. This policy was started in the year 1998 by four General Insurance Companies.
7. Bhagya Shree Child Welfare Bima Yojana
This policy covers one girl child in a family upto the age of 18 whose parents age does not exceed 60 years. This policy is working since October 191998 with a premium of Rs.15 per annum.
8. Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
This scheme provides protection to woman in the age group of 10 to 75 years with an insurance of Rs. 25000 and premium Rs.15 per annum. This scheme is working since October 191998.
9. Ashray Bima Yojana
The policy is covering workers in case of loss of jobs since October 102001. Here a maximum amount of Rs.3000 assistance is given to the workers till heshe gets an alternative opportunity.
10. Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Kissan Credit Card
This scheme is working since 2001. Underneath this scheme all the KCC holders are covered up to an age of 70 years. Insurance coverage includes 50000 for accidental death and 25000 for partial disability. Term life insurance calculator If we are aware that we can experience consequences in life when then we also have to know that there are solutions to remove these consequences into a large extent. Financial disaster is the biggest crisis one might have to face during any time connected with his life. However i am sure if we buy any of the life insurance guidelines then our financial crisis can be avoided into a great extent. The coverage along with the returns which we obtain back from the lifestyle insurance policies are extremely great. We have to consider the fact connected with life that we cant say for sure how and when death is likely to attack us or we may even discuss with an accident where we can get bedridden for months or even for years. We may also get such a huge loss where we would have to lose our limbs. So oh my gosh friends thinking about all of these consequences we have to help save and secure our own future so that no less than if we have enough financial support then we can easily bear the other consequences with least tension.

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